Audience Development

“Brought a breath of fresh air into our thinking.” (linkedin)

“Simon is a great person to work with, diligent, resourceful, and a good laugh.”  (linkedin)

Simon Redgrave builds participation into clients’ projects, whether online, offline or both. He ran a four-year placemaking project connecting local people through social media, local magazines and high profile events. He ran the UK’s first culture and media training course where participants spoke live from museums via an outside broadcast radio van. His outreach scheme for excluded young people inspired a nationally adopted model. He programmes hands-on workshops for families and seminars for professionals. In recent years he has worked with Punch to bring accessible and popular public programming to wide audiences, including ‘Jamaica Live‘ for London 2012 and ‘Music Potential‘ for Barclaycard/Global

Simon has long experience of using technology to support delivery, having coded and sold his own computer games back in 1983. Today social media remains integral to his work. He has used Basecamp to collaborate with partners and clients since it’s launch in 2004, is also an Evernote user, and offers training in Agile project management to individuals and companies.